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A ‘perfect fit’ consultancy
agency should provide a diverse range of professional services that not only meet the needs of your organisation, but tailors to them uniquely. Color behind ‘a perfect fit’.
In today’s landscape of increasing demands and limited staff resources,
the right consulting agency needs to have a multidisciplinary foundation.
Bev Lange Consulting is that agency.

A results-driven, multi disciplinary agency dedicated to helping organisations realise their full potential.

Drawing on years of executive level experience in government, corporate, and community organisations, Bev Lange Consulting delivers a suite of bespoke services across a range of disciplines including–but not limited to–performance coaching and mentorship; strategic development; special project management; assistance with funding submissions, and general management issues.

Inside Bev Lange Consulting

Bev Lange Consulting is a multi-disciplinary consultant service that provides the experience, dedication and undivided attention of a highly experienced CEO, company director, strategist and communications professional.

Using this multi-disciplinary approach, we assist organisations and SME with CEO locum and mentorship; communication planning; governance; strategic development and general management – among a suite of other specialised services.

But at the core of our offer you’ll find a refreshingly unique skill – the art of listening.

It’s through this practice that we get to truly understand your needs and obtain a bigger picture view of the issues at hand before fine-tuning our approach.

Coaching & Mentorship

Liberation for the stressed, the time-poor, and the chronically busy!
Exceptionally busy people are often struggling

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Strategic & Business Planning

A visionary plan for the future relies on a clear understanding of the now.
Start with an organisational deep-dive to

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Project Management & Development

Seize the day–and the opportunity. Business opportunities are precious, but they don’t always come when we’re ready for them. The trick is

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Funding & Grant Submissions

Funding is often mission-critical, and competition is fierce. Achieve essential cut-through with

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