Bungree is a not-for-profit community-based organisation, which delivers government-funded services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people residing on the Central Coast of NSW.

The Challenge

To review Bungree’s service delivery to ensure alignment with the ‘Going Home Stay Home’ reforms; and to assist with tender writing for two service packages.


  • A full review of existing strategy and services, including SWOT analysis and capacity assessment
  • Facilitation of workshops with staff and board members to determine appropriate service model
  • Preparation of case-mix calculations and budget templates to determine resources required for delivery of the service package
  • Creation of implementation plan
  • Preparation of two tender applications


Bev Lange Consulting prepared tender applications, which were informed by service delivery models, organisational structure, budget, implementation plans and stakeholder management plans.

The applications were compliant, culturally apt, and successful.


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