Macleay College is an accredited higher education provider offering degrees and diplomas in Media, Advertising, Journalism and related fields.

The Challenge

To manage the relocation of Macleay College–including design and construction at the new premises–with a limited timeframe, and without disruption to the business.

The Processes

  • Thorough scoping of work (in consultation with architects, builders and owners)
  • Development of a project plan, budget and timelines
  • Consultation with key stakeholders on critical aspects of the relocation
  • Coordination of design and building works (including fixtures and fittings; internet and telecommunication requirements)
  • Coordination of the actual relocation

The Outcome

Students and teachers now enjoy a vibrant, contemporary learning environment with excellent facilities, systems and technologies.

All deadlines and compliance requirements were met; there was no disruption to business.


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