Who we are

Bev Lange Consulting is a small, multi disciplinary agency dedicated to helping organisations realise their full potential.

Director and Founder, Bev Lange, is an experienced senior executive, with demonstrated expertise across a range of disciplines. Having practiced extensively in government, corporate, and community-based roles, Bev possesses a keen understanding of the unique challenges these sectors face.

What you get

When you engage Bev Lange Consulting, you receive the undivided attention of an experienced CEO, company director, strategist and performance coach.

Dedicated personal service, astute advice, and practical, hands-on assistance are the hallmarks of Bev Lange Consulting.

Why it works

Notwithstanding the broad range of services offered, Bev Lange Consulting is small and flexible. There is no hidden agenda; no corporate line to toe – and never a one-size-fits-all solution. Your consultation begins with a simple conversation. Services are then tailored to the specific circumstances of your business.

Unique, bespoke: a perfect fit.

What we do

We listen. That’s the first thing. Then we respond with a solution–or a range of solutions–drawn from an extensive range of capabilities, and shaped to suit your specific needs. Where challenges are especially complex, we call on the additional expertise of our large network of skilled professionals.

Here are some of the ways Bev Lange Consulting can assist your business…

Coaching and Mentorship

Liberation for the stressed, the time-poor, and the chronically busy!

Exceptionally busy people are often struggling simply because of poor work habits.

Bev Lange Consulting specialises in identifying unproductive work practices; then coaching to change behaviours, mindsets and outcomes.
Improving work efficiencies leads to increased productivity– and happier workplaces.

In a series of tailored workshops and individual coaching sessions, Bev Lange Consulting will:

  • Identify the work practices, habits or processes that inhibit the smooth progression of tasks
  • Provide tools and skills to help change ingrained behaviours
  • Optimise workplace efficiencies
  • Deliver tailored coaching and mentoring to ensure the right habits stick
  • Achieve improved staff focus, strategic alignment–and gross occupational happiness

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. – Japanese Proverb

Strategy & Business Planning

A visionary plan for the future relies on a clear understanding of the now.

Start with an organisational deep-dive to help identify Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values. 

A successful Strategic Plan not only sets the future direction for your organisation, it also informs your internal business culture, and galvanises valued stakeholders. Bev Lange Consulting is experienced in assisting busy, resource-poor organisations to create effective, inspiring Strategic and Business Plans. After a comprehensive review of your organisation, Bev Lange Consulting will assist you to:

  • Recognise and articulate your core values and key strengths
  • Identify business risks and opportunities
  • Conduct capacity assessments
  • Develop effective service models and operational planning
  • Understand governance practice and regulation
  • Implement (never put your strat plan in the drawer!)


Project Management

Seize the day–and the opportunity.

Business opportunities are precious, but they don’t always come when we’re ready for them.

The trick is ensuring that you don’t drop the business-as-usual ball while making the most of your opportunity.

With an exceptional track record in Project Management, Bev Lange Consulting can offer advice and practical assistance at all levels of project development. From the earliest stages of research and scoping; through budgeting and planning; to the pointy end of implementation, Bev Lange Consulting will keep your project on track while you keep the wheels of business turning.

Bev Lange Consulting can assist you to:

  • Conduct in-depth research
  • Scope your project
  • Consult with your stakeholders, and manage their concerns
  • Determine your resource requirements
  • Manage major events
  • Relocate (advice on design; build; systems; fittings; and the move)
  • Prepare and produce Annual Reports

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford

Funding & Grant Submissions

Funding is often mission-critical, and competition is fierce. Achieve essential cut-through with submissions that are well researched, accurate, and persuasive.

Additional funding isn’t the icing on the cake–particularly for service-based organisations–it’s basic bread and butter: the ability to continue to offer your services. And in the funding cycle, creditable acquittals are just as important as persuasive submissions in attracting and retaining essential support.

With extensive experience in all aspects of government and philanthropic funding, Bev Lange Consulting can help you:

  • Identify and connect to new funding sources
  • Research and prepare submissions for government or philanthropic funding
  • Manage grant acquittals
  • Understand governance compliance and financial obligations
  • Prepare tender applications and expressions of interest